Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Your privacy on the Internet is a fundamental element of our website(s). This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it among our Internet assets.

What Information We Collect

The Restored Assembly of Elohim ( and its related assets ( and future site(s)) actively collect and analyze data about their users. For instance: User demographics, search engine referrals, subjects of interests, and news and services most useful. Users who sign up to one of our email subscription lists are required to supply some or all of the following formation:

(1) name, (2) email address, (3) mailing address (4) country and (5) ZIP/postal code.

Additional optional fields or related questions may also be asked. All information allows us to determine accurate demographics and improve the services we provide.

How We Collect Information

There are various ways in which we are permitted to obtain information about you through the following processes:  Email Subscription and Forms: Users may register for one of our email mailing lists or request literature from our website(s). These inform users of various updates and changes to our websites or are to facilitate the efficient processing of literature requests.

Cookies: A cookie is a small data file that websites write to your hard drive when you visit them. It most often contains information such as a user ID that sites use to customize information presentation or track the visited pages. We use this information to optimize our site navigation, design and performance. You are always free to decline our “cookies” if your browser permits, but this may limit some aspects of website functionality.

IP Addresses: We collect IP address information for the purposes of system administration, to report aggregate (collective) information, and to audit the use of our services and materials. Because we automatically collect and store statistics about your online activities on an aggregated basis, this information is not always personally identifiable. We do not link IP addresses to personal identification, unless given prior approval or to necessarily troubleshoot a problem.

How We Use and Disclose Your Information and use any user information voluntarily given by users to enhance their website experience, whether to provide interactive or personalized elements on the sites or to better prepare future content based on the interests of users. In some cases, we use your personally identifiable information to provide information to you, such as, but not limited to, newsletters and email offers.

We will not make any information that we collect from users available to the general public in any form without the prior written consent of the effected user. We DO NOT work with any form of police or government local or federal law enforcement agency and as such WILL NOT give any information to any such agency, this is a religious organization and as such you are protected as you would be by attorney client privilege, the rule states as follows:

Rule 505. Religious Privilege  (a) Definitions. In this rule:  (1) “Cleric” means a minister, priest, rabbi (author note: had no choice but to put that in as it is in the law), accredited Christian Science Practitioner, or other similar functionary of a religious organization, or an individual reasonably believed so to be by the individual consulting the cleric.  (2) A communication is “confidential” if it is made privately and not intended for further disclosure except to other persons present in furtherance of the purpose of the communication.  (b) General rule of privilege. An individual has a privilege to refuse to disclose and to prevent another from disclosing a confidential communication by the individual to a cleric in the cleric’s professional capacity as spiritual adviser.  (c) Who may claim the privilege. The privilege under this rule may be claimed by an individual or the individual’s guardian or conservator, or the individual’s personal representative if the individual is deceased. The individual who was the cleric at the time of the communication is presumed to have authority to claim the privilege but only on behalf of the communicant.


The Restored Assembly of Elohim (and related assets) utilizes industry-standard security procedures to protect all personally identifiable information within its control from loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration. Such security protocols include firewalls, encryption, password protection and physical on-site security.


Opt-out Policy

A user may remove himself from our email subscriptions at any time. We will send a confirmation message of the intent to remove data to the current email address registered for that user. The user must respond to that confirmation message within three (3) business days. Upon reply, your information is completely removed from our database. If a confirmation message is not received, we will continue to maintain the registrant and related data.

Copyright and Trademark Policy   

This site is the primary and official source of web-based information about The Restored Assembly of Elohim. Recognizing that there are people who wish to promote our efforts on the Internet by maintaining web pages that parallel this website, we have adopted the following policy to ensure consistency and protect against error.

All of the content and graphics contained in this website are copyrighted 1993-2018 and owned by The Restored Assembly of Elohim. Certain items are also protected as a trademark or a registered trademark of The Restored Assembly of Elohim. The Restored Assembly of Elohim maintains and reserves exclusive rights to the license and use of the same. We ask that any and all content and graphics that reference or relate to The Restored Assembly of Elohim or this website be submitted to us for review and approval before being displayed on the Internet or reprinted in any form.


Published by

Pastor General

Founder and Pastor General of The Restored Assembly of Elohim, Editor-in-Chief of The Divine Truth magazine, and voice of The Truth To Come program, Paul R. Mullet has reached many thousands Set-Apart Aryans around the world with the most powerful truths of the Holy Scriptures unknown to almost all true Israelites. He has authored over 60 books and booklets all based on Two Seedline Christian Identity the TRUE Faith and Religion of the Set-Apart Race. Mr. Mullet, entered the Church of Jesus Christ Christian ministry and the political arm The Aryan Nations in 1993, and was personally trained by its founder, Richard G. Butler. He was ordained by Vincent R. Bertollini 08/25/2011.

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