The Restored Assembly of Elohim is currently a National organization with congregations in 14 states. The Assembly teaches Yahweh’s revealed way of life (Matthew 28) and preaches the Good News (the gospel) of the soon coming Reign or Kingdom of Elohim (Mark 16:15; Matthew 24:14).

Established in 1996, but under different names, and taking the name The Restored Assembly of Elohim in 2017 by Pastor General Paul R. Mullet, The Restored Assembly of Elohim traces its history back through the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, led by Richard G. Butler, to the original first-century Aryan Assembly that was established on the Day of Pentecost A.D. 31 by Yahshua the Messiah.

Through the tithes and generous donations of members and co-workers (non-members/supporters), the Assembly hosts the largest Two Seedline Christian Identity based website and provides an ever-expanding array of published books, booklets and articles – all without cost or obligation – to guide the Set-Apart Race seeking to live Yahweh’s Way. It also produces The Truth To Come™ with Paul R. Mullet, a program that explains Scriptural Prophecy, and The Divine Truth™, the organizations flagship magazine a continuation of The Way magazine of the past. The Assembly has reached nearly ever Aryan Nation and territory with its programs and materials.

The material (which we are currently attempting to publish in German, French, Dutch and Italian), brings a better understanding of the problems overwhelming the Set-Apart Race, and points to the lasting peace of what is to come.
In an age full of fear and confusion for our people, The Restored Assembly of Elohim is a voice of TRUTH – helping the Set-Apart Race find answers to their greatest questions and learn to make their lives happier and more productive!

While many organizations both within and without the Two Seedline Christian Identity community have taken and manipulated the writings of men such as Dr. Swift, Mr. Comperet, Mr. Butler and others (including myself), The Restored Assembly of Elohim is dedicated to bringing back the true foundations of Two Seedline Christian Identity and RESTORING the lost teachings of the coming Reign/Kingdom of Elohim. We have noticed that many jewdeo-christian “churches” have taken this sacred material and manipulated it into their pagan “temples” of worship and we refuse to let this continue. We are dedicated to reclaiming this material and teaching it as it was meant to be taught.

The Restored Assembly of Elohim is devoted to teaching the TRUE Good News of Yahshua – the Good News of the coming Reign/Kingdom of Elohim. All of our members are committed to spreading the divine truths of the Holy Scriptures through their personal examples and supporting the Work of Yahweh.


Published by

Pastor General

Founder and Pastor General of The Restored Assembly of Elohim, Editor-in-Chief of The Divine Truth magazine, and voice of The Truth To Come program, Paul R. Mullet has reached many thousands Set-Apart Aryans around the world with the most powerful truths of the Holy Scriptures unknown to almost all true Israelites. He has authored over 60 books and booklets all based on Two Seedline Christian Identity the TRUE Faith and Religion of the Set-Apart Race. Mr. Mullet, entered the Church of Jesus Christ Christian ministry and the political arm The Aryan Nations in 1993, and was personally trained by its founder, Richard G. Butler. He was ordained by Vincent R. Bertollini 08/25/2011.

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