Be the woman you are called to be

Yahweh's Nation

I pray that Yahweh will open the minds and hearts of our women to the Truth of who they are, and that they may understand their worth, and find the strength to be the women they are called to be, instead of the women the enemy would have them to be.

Ladies, please understand that by bouncing through guy after guy in an organization, or guy after guy online, or in your neighborhood, etc., that you are not being the woman you are called to be. If you are not taking care of and honoring the body He created you to be in, you are disrespecting His creation. If you are self professing to be Christian, and have read the scriptures, yet are still acting in ways that go against the way He calls you to be, then you are blatantly being disobedient and I pray you repent. I am…

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