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Biblical marriage is under attack, and has been under attack for quite some time. In this booklet you will find the statistics, facts and Scriptural evidence of the war on our family units and Faith. Marriage between a man and a woman is part of His natural laws for our people. Without the natural law, and Him leading our marriages and families, our people struggle and fail at what He commands us to do. I myself have made the mistakes in the past of choosing mates who were not led by Yahweh and each and every time, those relationships fail, so I have experienced first hand what it looks like, feels like, etc, to be in a relationship that is not of Him.

I pray that each of you reading this has your heart, mind and eyes opened to His ways and may you all find an equally yoked mate with whom to raise up your families with. Turn off your jewtube, step away from your internet and spend time in the Scriptures so you can be the person He calls you to be, and have the marriage and family He calls you to have.

Yahweh Bless,
Tina Roper

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