One True Assembly PT. 3

Most people do not realize that these false “ministers” of jewdeo-christianity or “traditional Christianity” hold a clear and widely accepted pagan based teaching on what is the “church” and “body of Christ”. You will see that I reject this very popular view (even within some Christian Identity Communities) with clarity and conviction in favor of Sabbath keeping and keeping of יהוה Elohim’s seven annual Holy Days. In the past, יהוה Elohim’s Set-Apart (Chosen/Aryan) people all accepted the simplicity in הושע Messiah’s Matthew 16:18 statement “…I will build my Assembly…” and that it is solely fulfilled within the Restored Assembly of Elohim! We know the Assembly is a single unified organization and that it was the ONLY PLACE הושע Messiah was Head of. We know it can be traced through 2,000+ years of Israelite history. We also know and fully understand without the slightest uncertainty that the One True Assembly is the undivided Body of הושע Messiah. We also recognize that on rare occasions members of the Aryan Race who have received יהוה Elohim’s outside of RAOE but that they would always be led to the one place that הושע Messiah was working and is the Head of the Assembly!

The True Assembly and Body of הושע Messiah doctrine has become terribly confused in the minds of thousands of our Racial Brethren who once thought they so clearly understood it. Sadly, so many no longer remember what it is, and could never be, the Body of הושע Messiah that is, where it starts and where it stops, what it is and is not. Opinions are plentiful. How this came to be is a mystery to many of יהוה Elohim’s Set-Apart People. There are many who think that this has always been. Why have so many fogotten that הושע Messiah IS NOT DIVIDED (I Corinthians 1:10, 13). What has happened? Why do so few of our brethren any longer believe that יהוה Elohim works solely in a single Assembly – one unified organization?

Bear in mind there are subjects that are impossible to seperate from what is the One True Assembly, that must necessarily appear atleast as a reference within the pages of this booklet:

  1. How הושע Messiah governs His Assembly
  2. Who has the authority to teach what is the truth – and as such who does NOT have the authority
  3. Who has the authority to do יהוה Elohim’s Work – carries the commission to preach and publish the Good News of the Reign/Kingdom of Elohim (and all truths) in all Aryan Nations – and who does NOT
  4. In parallel, who has יהוה Elohim’s authority to warn the nations of Israel (Aryan Nations) – and who does NOT
  5. Being directly related to number 3 and 4, who has the authority to take up tithes – and who does NOT
  6. Who has the authority to ordain ministers, establish policy, make crucial judgments that affect the whole Assembly, disfellowship heretics and others, anoint the sick, feed the flock better yet feed YOU! – or correct you! And who does NOT

Even those who are newly converted into the Apostolic Christian Identity faith understand that we are to fully obey all of the commandments and laws of יהוה Elohim. Most common are the Ten Commandments. Now understand a vital point that almost no one considers, and it has EVERYTHING to do with obedience. Most, if not all of jewdeo-christianity “ministers” have been derelict in teaching this closely related Scriptural principle.

In numerous verses יהוה Elohim specifically states, no He commands His TRUE ISRAELITE followers to also “obey the truth.” Most people generally think of יהוה Elohim’s many truth’s as something to generally just to believe in or understand, and not as something that MUST be obeyed. Now answer this question honestly, has this not also been your thinking as well? In fact, how often have you heard Scriptural doctrine(s) described in this exact same context? Probably more than you are admiting right now.

Lets see what the apostle Paul said about obedience to truth and how it is tied to true conversion. Now read carefully; “Now that you have cleansed your lives in obeying1 the truth through the Spirit to unfeigned brotherly love, love one another fervently with a clean heart,” (I Peter 1:22).

Further obedience to points of truth can be seen within this passage are inseparable from three things: 1) the purity of one’s true conversion, 2) the role of יהוה Elohim’s Spirit or better known as the “Spirit of Truth” reference (John 14:17; 15:26) activwly assisting in the obedience to the true doctrine and 3) how one genuinely loves his brethren. Now, this last point becomes somewhat difficult, actually impossible when most of our Racial Brethren are seemingly scattered throughout other competing, disagreeing organizations where he can never be seen or even known. There can be no other why that this verse can be seen or read. But the subject grows much more serious.

Lets now notice what the apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians; “O senseless Galatians! Who has put you under a spell, not to obey the truth – before whose eyes יהושע Messiah was clearly portrayed among you as impaled?” (Galatians 3:1). You see, the Galatians (being Israelite) had grown foolish, permitting themselves to be tricked (by the jews) into believing something other than the truth, in this case another Good News. They lost sight of it and had fallen under the jewish curse read Galatians 1:6-9.

We do read two chapters later that Paul summarized what occured: “You were running well, who held you back from obeying the truth?” This verse discribes our Racial Brethren within the jewdeo-christian “churches” today and those within the pagan religions. Now think about it. Thousands, YES thousands of יהוה Elohim’s Set-Apart or Chosen or Aryan People what ever word you want to use because they all mean the same thing the WHITE RACE, once understood exactly what was the Assembly that יהושע Messiah built. They are all now “held back from obeying the truth the time has come for you to “annoint your eyes“!

This actually sets up a final passage that puts the gravity of the situation into its fullest context. How יהוה Elohim sees disobedience to truth. Paul wrote to the Romans because some who were controversial, who wanted to argue about established truth; “but wrath and displeasure to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness; affliction and distress on every human being working what is evil, of the Yehuḏi first, and also of the Greek;” (Romans 2:8-9).

יהוה Elohim views all Set-Apart ones who will not hold to the truth, actually who will not obey it, as obeying unrighteousness! It is that simple, even the most basic of Scriptural students know this, I John 5:17 states: “All unrighteousness is sin, and there is a sin not unto death.” How many of US, the chosen of יהוה Elohim’s people, His Racial Family remember this?

The disbelief of truth is now seen to be a sin! We should ask: How much worse is the sin of rejecting truths that stand among the greatest in all of יהוה Elohim’s Word? The close of Romans 2:8-9 brings this very subject into greater perspective. He has prepared for those who what He has called “evil” of disobeying the TRUTH! I pray that this very reality guide your thinking from this point forward in your journey.

Is there just One True Assembly only one place whereיהושע Messiah is leading even though He may have some scattered lukewarm sheep thus fulfilling Daniel 12:7 going astray in a wide aray of different groups and organizations? Or, is יהושע Messiah’s leadership of His Assembly now split, divided, between many different competeing, disagreeing and ever multiplying groups, all of which claim to carry His authority and approval? In other words, is there still a single unified TRUE ASSEMBLY that is led by יהושע Messiah or are there many “true churches” (plus countless scattered individuals), all connected to and led by “Christ”? If He built ONE organization where is it? What then could be more important? What have you come to believe?

As we introduce this subject, several more questions are going to arise, and they just like the above ones are going to be big: Would יהושע Messiah leave in doubt what He built for all those who actually genuinely wanted to know? Of course NOT! Could a matter of such vital importance be left any more than crystal clear for those He was and is working with? Of course NOT! Would the prince of darkness not then present atleast one or more counterfeits just as he has done with every other doctrine of יהוה Elohim thus using his viper children the jews as a means os spewing the venum? Of course he would!

These most fundamental of questions should be burning issues among the Aryan Race and the Apostolic Christian Identity Community today. The challenge and test for YOU is to discern the truth. Soon and absolutely clear and unmistakable decision will stand before you. There will be no escaping one of two simple positions.

We are now prepared to dissect how a variety of what is commonly known as mainstream christianity, but what we call jewdeo-christianity churches and well known “religionists” define as the “Body of Christ” and the “church” they believe that “jesus” built. (I will be using from time to time their terminology and when I do it will be lower case or held within quotation marks, when the thought or verbage is mine it will be the proper name as I have used in almost all of my writings and since the beginning of this book). Our study should begin with the pagan infested roman catholic church it is really the only place to start. Without this foundation, the protestant position cannot be fully comprehended.

Now, for some basic history. Soon after יהושע Messiah built His Assembly in AD 31, the jewish counterfeit influx movement began in earnest, eventually entering Rome. Now, the catholics (created by jews) point also to Matthew 16:18 (for some reason they continue to use the Holy Scriptures but yet they claim that יהושע Messiah is not their Messiah at all strange) with jesus there supposedly building their church on the apostle Peter. (Already we see that they are using Peter and NOT יהושע Messiah as the foundation stone of the Assembly). We know that this counterfeit jewish created movement gained momentum in what we have come to know as the “Lost Century” that was between AD 70 and 170. However, the leaders of this developing false system well understood one vitally important factor, of also teaching that there was no other true church but their own, and that salvation was laced within their church. They could hardly teach anything other than that. Now, how many would depart to follow leaders who taught that salvation could be achieved in any number of churches to include where they currently were? Now they were wrong on just about every other doctrine, but even the catholics knew they could never compromise on this one true doctrine! They still to this very day teach this exact same doctrine. This pagan infested jewish created and backed “church” remains unafraid to proclaim what so many of the jewdeo-christian churches today refuse to admit and teach, heck even many within the Two Seedline Christian Identity Community refuse to proclaim this message. This Ministry is not afraid to teach, preach or proclaim this vital Doctrine of the Apostolic Christian Identity Faith!

1ὑπακούω 5219 hypakoúō (from 5259 /hypó, “under” and 191 /akoúō, “hear”) – properly, to obey what is heard (literally, “under hearing”). See 5218 (hypakoē).


Published by

Pastor General

Founder and Pastor General of The Restored Assembly of Elohim, Editor-in-Chief of The Divine Truth magazine, and voice of The Truth To Come program, Paul R. Mullet has reached many thousands Set-Apart Aryans around the world with the most powerful truths of the Holy Scriptures unknown to almost all true Israelites. He has authored over 60 books and booklets all based on Two Seedline Christian Identity the TRUE Faith and Religion of the Set-Apart Race. Mr. Mullet, entered the Church of Jesus Christ Christian ministry and the political arm The Aryan Nations in 1993, and was personally trained by its founder, Richard G. Butler. He was ordained by Vincent R. Bertollini 08/25/2011.

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