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Under Judgement From Yahweh-Elohim

White people of planet Earth are losing more and more freedoms, history and heritage. We are being persecuted more each day by those who have infiltrated, dominated, subjugated and are now exterminating us.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. We are wholly at fault and we should not be crying to each other about our fate.

We are being shaken, skewered and baked in the fire and the end is not in sight, contrary to those who would tell you otherwise. The enemy has only just begun their insidious ways to destroy our progeny and us. They are persistent, tenacious and totally focused on their plan of extermination of the white peoples of the earth.

This is not the rhetoric of paranoia or of vindictiveness but, rather, a condemnation of our own white people for our wicked and evil ways that have brought the judgment of God against us.

Other peoples have moved into our midst; they work in our businesses. They attend our churches. They are given special privilege by our laws. They rule over us and they cost white people billions of dollars in taxes for support, entitlements, affirmative action, crime prevention, medical costs and reconstruction of cities they destroy. After enough of these strangers have been admitted into our midst they then have a political voice. They, then, rule over us to the benefit of only themselves.

Why are we under punishment from God the Father? It is quite simple. While many have touched on any number of reasons (some valid, some not) the core of the issue is that WHITE PEOPLE are GREEDY, and SELF CENTERED. We are ignorant and wicked in our own right and we have failed to perform our duties clearly spelled out by our Father Yahweh.

We cite statistic after statistic of those who commit crimes at greater rates than the ADAMIC RACE. We look to other peoples who commit atrocities against one another all over the world. We consider the inner cities and wring our hands at the filth, disease and violence that permeate those environments. We look here and we look there failing to pick up the mirror and look at what is staring back at us; ourselves.

When any of us speaks out against these disorders that afflict us, we, often, fight among ourselves as to who is the more radical, who is the most extremist, who is the flaming liberal, who is the furthest left or furthest right.

All the while our enemies are looking, laughing and making their next move to further dominate, control and terminate us.

There are a vast amount of differing opinions and great debate when our punishment from our Father Yahweh was beginning to manifest. I suppose that one could point to the Babylonian system that developed nearly 3,000 years ago. Or to the founding of the Illuminati by Weishaupt in 1776. Or to the banking dynasty of the Rothschild’s in the 1600’s still in existence today. Or to the back door congressional vote in the small hours of the morning that day in 1913 establishing the Federal Reserve Board. Or to the cause and effect of World War I in 1914. Or to the causes and effect of WWII in 1939. Or to Korea, Viet Nam and all the other skirmishes and mischief that we have done around the world in the interests of the International Bankers and Power Brokers.

I will randomly pick a time and a series of events that was the turning point for our people from my own personal perspective. I am old enough to remember the times that were and was close enough to recent history to have received real truth from those who were there. I was born and raised in the greatest period of prosperity and peace that this great nation founded by The White Adamic has ever had. During this time, the United States was infiltrated and being subverted without our knowledge. It was since that time the educational texts were changed and the truth of history was tainted to suit the new Marxism Communistic bent of the New World Order.

Iron ore was bought to the mills from Minnesota, Michigan and any number of other places in the United States. Coal was bought from southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia, converted into coke so that it would burn hotter and was fed into the Bessemer and open-hearth furnaces. It, then, was converted into molten steel and it was poured, routed in its molten state through rolling mills, sometimes for miles, where sheet stock, tube stock and bar stock was formed. The molten dross was taken by train car where it was poured, day after day, week after week, month after month, until huge slag mountains were formed.

The mills ran along the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers for miles. Men worked hard in this industry and the United States was the greatest industrial nation that ever existed on the planet.

Industry was given tax concessions by the government, one of which was called depreciation. Now, depreciation was a method by which industry could write off capital equipment investments over several years.

The intent was to give industry a tax break so that they could reserve sufficient funds to replace outdated equipment and facilities as they outlived their useful life. They either wore out, became obsolete or otherwise lost their value as time went on. Business managers were to set these saved tax dollars as reserves to purchase new equipment as the old equipment or facilities became obsolete or useless. However, these tax breaks were recorded on the bottom line as profits for these corporations. The stocks of these corporations were highly coveted and considered “rock solid” for years and years.

As time went on, these “reserves” were used for day-to-day operations and to enhance the corporate profits each financial reporting period. So, when the time finally came to replace antiquated equipment and facilities the funds were not available to accomplish this. Corporate managers were forced to go to the banks or float more stock, thereby diluting shareholder’s equity to update or modernize their facilities. They borrowed money and went into debt. Ultimately, they sold their technology to Japan and Taiwan for pennies on the dollar as a last resort to bring the last remnant of profit to the entity.

Today, nearly all steel raw stock available in America comes from the Orient and there are no longer any large steel producers in America. We sold our technology for nothing. Only the greedy business owners and managers profited while the shareholders ran to safer investments.

I was privy to this most outrageous practice in the high technology business. I was part and parcel to the export of technology that cost our U.S. Corporations millions of dollars in Research and Development (R & D) to the Orient for pennies on the dollar, all to bring short term profits to the corporations resulting in bonuses for corporate executives who literally gave this technology away.

Today, you will not find hardly anyone in the United States producing high volume consumer products. They are all being produced in the Orient or other third world countries.

It has been the greed and materialism of our people that has brought the judgment of Father Yahweh God upon us. That is why our very own people hinder us at every turn, legislatively, through law enforcement, in our schools and, especially in our churches. Yahweh has blinded our own to TRUTH and he is using us against one another to punish us, as he always does for disobedience.

WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE peoples discovered, designed, engineered and constructed every powered vehicle that ever existed, giant structures housing thousands of people, the highest flying, and fastest aircraft conceivable, every method of extracting all useful material from the earth, no matter how deep it was located. We have developed chemical processes and formulas that have produced aluminum, plastics, fiber optics and composite materials of every type.

Our people found ways to reach to the stars, isolate sub-microscopic viruses, re-attach severed limbs, consider the brain, and send oscillating vibrations in the form of radio, micro and telephonic waves around and under the earth. We have invented the transistor, the television, the telephone, the laser, the calculator, the computer, high volume manufacturing techniques, the internet, and high-speed communications.

We can grow enough food to feed the world. We share our technology with everyone. We send more aid than all other people and nations put together to those in need, regardless of the color of their skin, or their religious or political persuasion. We are the most benevolent people that have ever lived on the planet. Even after we conquer our enemies we rebuild their countries, re-establish their infrastructures and provide financial aid until they are self-sufficient.

Our enemies and other peoples of the Earth are masters at murder, mayhem and killing, but we are the creators of mass destruction. We have been able to design weapons ever so deadly as to annihilate millions of people in an instant of time. And if you don’t like that, we have even designed weapons to painfully eliminate millions more by biological and chemical methods. And if you don’t like that, we have been known to use these weapons at one time or another, on other peoples and yes folks even our very own people!

We are under judgment by Yahweh because we have forgotten his ways and his laws. Most WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE people claim to be Christian but are going their own separate ways. The Church-At-Large has been infiltrated by the enemy and has us sitting quietly each week, sing a few hymns, playing patty cake, a not-too-controversial sermon, pass the plate and we’ll see you next week!

We are fatted calves who have allowed the strangers to take over our country while we are being devoured daily with higher taxes, oppressive laws and made to feel ashamed of our heritage, our Yahweh, the Messiah and our Christian belief. We are under attack by every person of color and every kind of task force that the enemy and their minions can conjure up. Usury is eating up the economy and the economic future of our children. We live in a total illusion of honesty, prosperity and well-being.

WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE peoples worldwide are having their Yahweh-given rights removed unsystematically by the very globalists who would destroy us. We have opted for money, profits, and self-indulgences’ in every instance rather than higher character or moral standards.

In many of our peoples’ countries it is a crime to deny that the so-called jewish holocaust ever happened. Yet, no one is crying out for the 100+ millions of deaths of Christians who perished at the hands of Bolshevism and Communism (synonymous terms: as well as ‘jew’ is synonymous with both persuasions) since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918. Lenin and Stalin literally make Adolph Hitler look like a choirboy by comparison. Do we hear anything about that? Only from the “inner, inner circles” of those in the know, the rest of us are so blinded that it nearly defies imagination if you did not know that Yahweh God has allowed this to happen.

We have allowed strangers into our midst that gives them tacit permission to co-mingle with our race, thus losing our bloodline forever. We are not allowed to speak out against this policy and laws are in place and more being defined to prevent us from making any sort of remark about any peoples.

An WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE professional baseball player a few years ago had to undergo psychiatric evaluation because he made remarks considered to be disparaging to other groups of people. Heretofore this has only occurred in Communist countries in asylums, prisons and “re-education” camps. This baseball player was in the media day after day under attack by our enemy and us, as their minions, for his comments. That was only the beginning.

Television and radio advertisements are running every day to shame us if we have a belief or opinion about any other people, even when it is the truth. Our people are not permitted to stand for anything of value or anything that represents a credit to our race and heritage.

We, as a people, are permitted to be murdered, slandered, defamed and maimed by other races without one outrage about Racism, Supremacist, Hate-Mongering, or Bigotry. However, if anyone of color or a jew is attacked, if a slur made or the DIVINE TRUTH is revealed the cry of the “wolf pack” is so loud, long and hard by the jew controlled media and government we are persecuted and prosecuted. The media does this with impunity and the jews have instant worldwide access to this media, in every form. WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE peoples have virtually no access unless it is to espouse the jew party line or that which is in favor with the enemy.

This is by design. Our situation will not get better. We are under judgment from Yahweh for our disobedience. The tide is far too strong and we will undergo the fire of testing. For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of Yahweh: and if it first begins with us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of Yahweh? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? The gospel of Yahweh includes all the Old Testament and the New Covenant, particularly those related to our Redeemer, the Messiah, His laws and His constant railings against our enemies, the jews.

We, as a people, have no-where else to go. All the land mass is spoken for. The notion that there will be an WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE exclusive land by secession of states or portions of states is folly and a pipe dream. It cannot happen. The law enforcers will not allow it to happen. They outnumber us, they outgun us and they have most of the population hating us. We, who hold the DIVINE TRUTH to be self-evident, are alone. We are but a particle in a maelstrom. Yes, we know the beginning and we know the end if we stand in faith and on the TRUTH of Yahweh’s WORD.

Even though we migrate further and further into the wilderness this will not protect us from his judgment. There are no safe havens. Three generations of Marxist jewish propaganda in our schools, churches, media, communities and Hollywood have blinded nearly all of us. We, as a people, are obedient servants to the jew and their minions, not to Yahweh. We can stand each in faith that Yahweh will protect his Remnant and faithful servants.

Some say that there are but some 16 million to 20 million jews in the world today. Understand this, if you understand nothing else. They, as a non-race, are much, much larger in numbers than they would have you believe. When you consider the further mixing of these non-race jews into the WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE peoples the number is in the hundred(s) of millions. While most of these mixed blood jews do not know who they are they have the genetic disposition to be a natural enemy of we the Adamic peoples wherever they are. They will dominate us wherever they are because we continue to allow it. We no longer have a say in it.

They, overall, populate WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE nations of the world unless they are involved in the finance or politics of other countries. You will never see them in large numbers in the orient, or in black Africa populations. That is because they are not concerned about these peoples except to put them at odds or unite them against our people.

We are under judgment and ever increasing punishment because of these issues:

We failed to throw out the international bankers before they took root in our nation.

We allow the Federal Reserve Board to run our nation’s Treasury and banks.

We allow the jew influence to boycott our businesses and publicly smear us and to silence whenever we expose them for who they really are.

We allow our government to tax us into submission as each tax bill sneaks by our Congress. They are either blinded, ignorant and corrupt elected officials.

We allow our farms, and ranches to be taken from us because of the progressive income tax and the wiles of our bankers coercing unpayable debt.

We allow our government to implement globalist programs such as GATT, NAFTA and the WTO to destroy WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE labor, productivity and, ultimately, our nation.

We allow our government, especially our President, under the control of jew bankers and globalists to send our young men as soldiers wearing United Nations and NATO uniforms to die on foreign soil for tyrants, for corporate and International Banking profits.

We allowed our jewish controlled government to open the floodgate of immigration that has destroyed the Christian principles that made this country and every other WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE nation great.

We have allowed our government to rule us with oppressive laws, with lies and with subterfuge in passing laws to the detriment of we as a people.

We have turned our backs and allow our government to permit abortion to the tune of two million murders every year for more than ten years, a HOLOCAUST by any definition.

We have allowed our jewish dominated medical industry to drug us by the tens of millions. More than 20% of our children in school are on medication of one sort or another. We are constantly looking for “instant fixes” for every ill we suffer because we will not eat or care for ourselves properly. The Holy Scriptures tell us how we should handle our Temple to Yahweh! I think it is well pass the time and we really should LISTEN TO ITS WORDS AND HEAR THE MESSAGE FROM YAHWEH AND TO THE RACE OF ADAM!

We watch and believe the lies perpetrated every day by the jewish controlled media through television, radio, newspapers and social media outlets.

We are indentured servants to the bankers and our employers. Corporate executives are paid enormous salaries and, even if they fail, they can move from corporation to corporation with ease while other corporate employees are left with nothing.

We “invest” in stock markets spending billions of dollars each day. This is nothing more than legalized gambling since most do not understand the workings of this “bubble-soon-to-burst” farce. This is done for one simple reason, to further the jewish agenda and maintain complete and utter control of the money and line the pockets of these parasites.

Once our government legislators leave their elected office they work for foreign and domestic corporate interests influencing congress to assure contracts and payouts for, often, non-legitimate (pork barrel) programs.

We allow in-your-face homosexuality to permeate our society while we look the other way or wink at it.

We wholesale destroy for pleasure and profit that which Yahweh gave us dominion over; the buffalo, clear cutting of forests, genetically altering our food, contaminating our waters and polluting our air.

We have allowed our government to feed us the lie that the huge influx of drugs is unstoppable while they are the biggest drug runners in the world today.

We turn our backs on our youth, put them in day care, and set them in front of every video game, TV set or computer so we don’t have to give them any sense of place, any moral values or ethics. We turn these fine attributes over to those who teach relative humanism, situational ethics and Marxism to a greater degree here than they do in Russia.

Our children are being taught to embrace, not merely tolerate, other peoples in our midst. This always results in race-mixing, an abomination to our Yahweh.

Filth, vileness and seductive imagery exists everywhere in our society poisoning the minds of our youth and adults glorifying ungodliness.

We are being mandated to inject toxic poisons into our bodies, believing the jewish controlled medical practitioners who tell us that three dozen vaccines must be taken or our children cannot attend school or that our soldiers cannot wear a uniform.

The list could go on and on and most of you are probably able to cite many more reasons why we should be and are being punished by Yahweh for disobedience and sin.

We are being punished and the enemy continually enlists the ranks of those of us who are blinded by Yahweh to accomplish this punishment. We will not find like mindedness among our own for we have been taught to be our own worst enemies. While the jews are the foundation and purveyors of wickedness on the earth the WHITE ARYAN ISRAELITE peoples are co-conspirators and willing servants to them.

Unless and until there is absolute repentance of our people by humbling ourselves, praying and turning from our wicked ways as the entire population of Nineveh did we will not stem the impending judgment, so sayeth Yahweh!